Chapter 1 – Reincarnated to a Different World

Chapter 1 – Reincarnated to a Different World

I think I have probably died. My body was twisted in an impossible direction and my blood seemed to splash across the sky.

If my memory serves me right, I was hit by a truck. When that truck was making a right turn at the crossroad, a girl who was holding a ball in her hand dashed out to the crossroad at the same time.

In a split second, I moved my body and pushed the girl away forcibly. Unfortunately it was already too late at that time. The incoming truck had hit and sent me flying.

My whole body was assaulted with such acute pain when I was flung against the ground. I felt like all the air have escaped my lungs as I exhaled and vomited blood out.

It is painful.

It is seriously painful.

Though, my consciousness has become dim and I was unable to think of anything else anymore.

Aaa~ I had lived through a boring 16 years of life. I can’t even get a girlfriend, was terrible in sports and also bad in studying.

I was only good at one particular RPG game. But this is the end now. See you, my beloved MMORPG.




I thought that I have died. No I am not dead yet.

It was not possible for me to come back to life.

A pure white world.

There were nothing around. I didn’t seem to feel my body too. Only my consciousness was there.

Is the afterworld like this?

“Our lord. Are you prepared to restart your life again?” [???]

Somehow I was faced with an absurd question.

I have selected ‘Yes’ as a response.

It was a promise that I will be reincarnated to a different world. I had always been envious of such protagonist. Furthermore if I were to answer no, I might be in greater trouble since I wouldn’t know what I should do from now on.

“Fumu~ our lord, that choice is unquestionable but it will be no problem. Then you will go through the reincarnation now so just close your eyes. It should not be painful…..”  [???]

I felt that my entire body was forcibly drawn somewhere and all the contents in the inside seemed to spring out.

My entire figure was turned around from side to side in the pure white world and I slowly lost my consciousness as I felt my body getting sucked somewhere.




The world changed at the next moment. A vast grassland, clear blue sky and also animals that look like monsters. It was a completely perfect other world.

“I have finally……came to a different world.”

What I was dreaming of has finally became a reality so I am over the moon. I’m so happy with the different world! A different world. This should be a world with cat girls (nekomimi shoujo) or elves so I am definitely ecstatic. However, there was something that I was unable to understand.

Why am I a zombie? My clothes were all tattered and torn all over. My face and body seemed to be fine but I was thirsting for blood for some reason. Even though I am a zombie, I didn’t think that I will have the impulse to eat flesh but…..

I am really hungry.

Due to the urge building up inside me, I aimed at the harmless beast in front of me.

A rabbit was right within my sight. Even though I called it a rabbit, it was actually 30 centimeters in size but a food is food. That was all.

I stealthily moved my feet and held my breath…… current condition was even more similar to a beast than the rabbit. I slowly closed the gap with the rabbit. As I got closer I could hear its soft breathing and heartbeat. Then, I pounced…….

I was surprised by my own speed. As fast as a cheetah catching its prey, I caught the rabbit by digging my fingernails into the neck and tore it off.

A tremendous amount of blood splattered out and the rabbit died instantly but it was unbearable. Just looking at the blood made it hard for me to control my impulse as I scrapped off the fallen flesh with my bare hands.

I want to roast it. I want to eat well-cooked juicy meat and some sauce to go along.

Though such luxury wouldn’t be available.

To be honest, it was quite tasty. While eating it raw, the grease drips from the flesh every time I chew on it.

However it was not sufficient to satisfy my appetite so I begin searching my surrounding. From a distance I found a boar monster that looked stronger than the rabbit.

It looks strong.

It might have sense my killing intent from the opposite side so its eyes matched with mine. The opponent started emitting killing intent too. My craving for his flesh to satiate my appetite made me release even stronger murderous impulse. In the end, the boar like monster seemed to strain itself as it dashed at me.

It looked monstrous in the beginning however in reality it was only the speed.

“It’s coming now…..It’s time for the hunt.”

My impulse burst out like earlier as I watched it charging at me.

It’s good.

My body felt comfortably light.

As I moved around I realized that I was able to move all my joints and nerves as I like. I dashed towards the boar like monster as well to fight against it.

DON! The great impact with the flesh seemed to crush even the bones. Even though the boar monster was not completely defeated, it might have not been able to endure the power thus causing it to stagger. Despite that, it recovered quite fast and tried charging at me again.

“I win.”

I uttered out a line that was taken from somewhere and kicked the ground with all my might to jump up. I sprung up roughly 4 meters in height and released my drop kick right on the boar monster’s head, causing it to sink to the ground. As my foot delivered the blow to its head, a loud sound of skull cracking could be heard. The boar like monster ended up dying tragically.

Well should I eat it now?

Have I quit becoming human?

No, despite being zombie, I still plan on keeping my heart as a human.

However somehow I knew that I am not a human any longer since I crave for raw flesh. Uwa~ my motivation has disappeared……..but

“Raw flesh is seriously tasty. This boar monster’s meat smells slightly bad but it is thick and chewy.”

was what I wanted to say.

Well I seem to have eaten considerably a lot. Should I try looking for a village?

First of all I will need to wash off the blood from my clothes. Or should I steal someone’s clothes? In that case, I will have to take it from a human.

I don’t really want to fight but it can’t be helped if I am in this outfit, am I right? Right?

I will have no choice but to do it since it is a lot quicker than washing my clothes.

If I will be doing it then it would be best to aim for the bad guys. Are there thieves in this world? I pondered about it as I crossed the vast grassland.

At times, strong wild insects and birds came out. (TN: reminded me of Pokemon) The birds were of course eaten since they were delicious but as one would expect, I do not feel like eating insects.

…..What? Are you asking me to eat them? I don’t want to. That’s because they look like humongous looking spiders. I don’t want to see those. Furthermore the thread shot out by the spider monster was super sticky and the thought of it opening its jaw sent chills down my spine even though I am a zombie.

I have not mentioned it previously but I seemed to be fine even though I was hit by the rays from the sun. Since my flesh do not rot, I am completely different than the zombies found in most games.  (TN: I thought that only applies to vampires? =__=;)

Anyway the important thing now is the bandits. They should start appearing soon. There should be a scene whereby a beautiful girl screamed “Kyaaa~ Please save me!” so I can jump in and rescue her from the bandits.  Wait, hold on……right now I am not myself.

I haven’t thought about it but……..I might be quite lucky. Some distance away, I sensed that there was something amiss. I did have a lucky divination this morning…….even though I was blown off to another different world.

Anyway, should I go help? Or should I just keep watching? Well even if I keep watching, I will ended up helping anyway.

I shut my eyes and tried to sense for any living being around. I had just realized it earlier but I was able to detect life forms by concentrating my senses.

Once I shut my eyes, somehow the image and location will be transmitted to my brain.

I could see a large or strong object in red and another weaker object in blue.

And……are the yellow ones humans? However they are quite far from here.

(TN: Instead of clear images, the image portrayed in his brain might be colored objects)

There are roughly 5 yellows.

Are there enemies among them? Three of them were brandishing knives.

Since this skill is able to tell me this much, it is really convenient for me.

“Please wait for me.  I’ll be saving you right away.”

I focused all the strength in my body. Don’t underestimate me. My body’s state switched to serious mode. All my body’s senses instantly became abnormally sharp since I can feel all my nerves. I put all the forces to my leg, kicked the ground and dashed off to the scene.

The speed is not comparable to myself in the old world at all. I wouldn’t be surprise even if I am able to win the Worldwide Marathon Championship. All I could feel now was the strong wind brushing against my face.

By the way I am wishing that the person that I will be helping to be a woman. I would save a man too but I would not feel too happy about saving a man.

Even after running a dozen meters, my body still felt light. However something felt amiss in the area right ahead. A horse carriage was toppled sideways and luggage were scattered all over the ground. A pair of mother and daughter were seen tearfully apologizing. The girl seemed to be taken hostage by someone who looked similar to a bandit.

“Please don’t do anything to the girl! I beg of you. I’ll do anything so please release her!”  [Girl’s Mother]

The girl was also crying when she saw her mother pleading for her.

“Haa~? What the heck are you talking about. I don’t need the mother! Lately I have many young brats as customers. They seemed to like these types so I might be able to sell her to them for a good value.”  [Bandit A]

Was it bribery?……….It’s the type that I hate the most. Should I just kill them?

I could feel the blood rise in my head. Without realizing it, I jumped out and reveal myself.

“Alright, just hear this okay!? What good will it be having so much money?! Should I just let you guys who torment the poor girl die here?”

I made a mistake….Why did I jump out all of the sudden?

Couldn’t I think of a better solution than this?

I guess it couldn’t be helped. Anyway when I took a look at the guy who was holding the girl hostage, I could tell that he enduring as much as possible but he was at boiling point now. He looked as if he is about to pounce at me any moment.

I wanted to save the girl right away however if I do anything rash here, she might be killed.

“You bastard, do you know the consequences if you go against us in our own territory?! You are a fool. You should know what will happen if you make me angry.”  [Bandit A]

“Ahahahahaha! Sorry I don’t know whose territory is this. Are you a small fry here? It’s scary right?…….Well that is given since you will be killed by someone who has blood stain all over his body. Itadakimasu!”

I licked the blood stain off my hand and glared at the bandit as if I have marked the prey that I am about to kill.