Din no Monshou

Volume 1
The hero is a Ronin who is undertaking an embarrassing job search when he is killed in an unfortunate accident. When he wakes up, he has been re-incarnated into a new world. “I’ll never live a lazy life again.” He tries to restart his new life with such determination. He is reborn as  a fallen noble. How on earth will he manage? This is the story of a young man and his partner’s struggles to save his home from downfall.

Associated Names
Crest of Din
Din no Monshou ~Mahoushi Regis no Tenseitan~

Author: Akamaki Taruto [赤巻たると]

Light Novel Illustrations
Volume 1     |     Volume 2     |    Volume 3
Volume 4     |     Volume 5

First Arc : Childhood period
Prologue to Chapter 9 (translated by Raising the Dead)
Chapter 10 – Duel
Chapter 11 – At the Imperial City
Chapter 12 – Edgar and Allan Poe
Chapter 13 – Vigilance
Chapter 14 – A Drunkard
Chapter 15 – Predicament  (Part A | Part B)
Chapter 16 – Shock and Determination
Chapter 17 – Strategy Meeting
Chapter 18 – Arena
Chapter 19 – Which is important? (Part A | Part B)
Chapter 20 – Conclusion
Chapter 21 – The Reunion of Two People  (Part A | Part B)

Second Arc: School Entry

25 thoughts on “Din no Monshou

  1. jolee

    Wow this is an amazing one, I found out about it from the animesuki thread just today, and I’m glad I checked the forums. Can’t just rely on browsing through novelupdates to catch ’em all~

    Thanks for the great work. Do you translate by understanding Jap, or through MTL like Cyro?
    Decided to leave this here instead of RTD since I came in through this page at first.


    1. Glad you enjoy it 🙂
      No worries. I do check the comments made here more frequently than RTD.

      I’m currently translating the series manually (reading, understanding, then rewriting them in English). Still in the process of learning.


    1. Sorry for the late reply. It’s not dropped but I’m planning to concentrate on Netooku and Yuusha so both of them can have a more regular schedule. So I’ll still work on Din and release it whenever I’m done. There’s another translator helping me with Din at the moment when he’s free.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The next chapter’s the end of the arc. Not sure about the light novel since I had not taken a look yet.

      It’s actually prologue to chapter 9. Apologies if it looks confusing. I wasn’t the one who translated prologue to chapter 9 so I linked it back to the site that did them.


    1. Lee

      Still nothing up today? Any estimate to when you can update it again? I’m sorry for sounding very demanding… I just finished the volume today and really left me hanging and wanting more of the story. Hope you could start to TL it again! Good work and more power to you and the other translators.

      Lookin forward~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Johnny

    I guess this series is dead 😦 i really liked it but i guess it cant be helped if you are too busy. Still hoping that the translation goes on one day 😉


    1. Sorry, I’m too busy to pick it up again for now (even Yuusha Party’s on hiatus temporarily). ;~;
      I’ve given this series back to RTD, so I’m hoping they’ll be able to recruit another translator to work on this as well.


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