Atelier Tanaka: Character Page

Yoshio Tanaka – The MC

Ester Fitz Clarence


Mercedes Aragon






47 thoughts on “Atelier Tanaka: Character Page

  1. Wow, Yoshio Tanaka looks like a character I’d use in an MMO. He’s definitely not ‘ugly’ like the WN states to me and a bit more like a ‘rugged’ look on his face. Give him a trenchcoat and either a fedora or a ten gallon hat and I’d think he’d be better looking.

    …why yes I’m trying to defend my own plain looks by defending his.

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    1. TheFactualGamer

      also, please don’t say fedora, that look gets enough hate as it is.

      a simple cloak or a robinhood cap would fit him.


      1. Alright, no Fedora and I’ll agree with the cloak part.

        Just to make sure as my memory of Japanese tastes is likely four or more years outdated, but do they still jump on anything Gackt or the dreaded looks of anything that can be considered ‘boys love’ looks or is it something else now?

        And all I remember of the male Japanese tastes are either breast the size of ones head or a-cup angst with either maids, animal ears, tentacles, mainly one-sided abuse or a combination of what I just said. If that changed than I’m going to be surprised.

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        1. TheFactualGamer

          I don’t live in Japan so I don’t know what is “current.” I’m just basing my opinion off of their pop-culture that bleeds to America.


      1. DemonCooler

        He’s definitely very rugged looking though I think he could clean up pretty well if he actually had enough self-confidence to actually try.


    1. Rahman

      It was his illustration ?! Wow I didn’t realize until you give the link.
      Usually the artist draw brown skin pettan girl, no wonder the girl look so sexy.


  2. TheFactualGamer

    To be honest, he looks kinda like a character I made in Fallout 4. Not closely, but it’s the generic rugged bandit look.

    Not ugly, just not a pretty boy.

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  3. Even though Tanaka looks rough, he’s not ugly, and his pose makes him look cooler than other MC of other novels, it’s like saying that he really doesn’t give a f*ck


  4. Mojo

    I’d do him. WTF ugly? More like normal/non-ikeman. I suppose he’s one of those guys whose facial hair never properly grows in, so he looks scruffy all the time and not in a sexy way but in a what animal died on your face way? And maybe by Japanese standards he is over weight, but by my skewed USA standards he’s barely husky/chubby. Conclusion: type that cleans up nice, but doesn’t attract flies, totally in my strike zone, Repeat: I’d do him if I picked him up in a bar. And as long as he has proper manners (inner dialogue doesn’t count, or else I’d be in trouble too LOL) and isn’t a cheater then he’s definitely date material too.


  5. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Appreciate it!


  6. Jeff

    MC is really dumb, would have killed that noble and his house after telling everyone to evacuate from the premises or die then kill his family and then go to other nobles houses.


  7. mem

    he looks like that guy with a headband and red armor in sao (“klein”?)

    now i’ve helped you get a new view of him, no need to thank me though


  8. VMiMiCV

    that ugly? from what i see he’s just like your typical old man which not ugly nor handsome just average.. on slight of cooler side to be honest. Best way if i were to describe him… sugar daddy. LOL xD


  9. laharl8080

    Heck he is not ugly he is a more looks like mysterious also he looks an ossan you can see as in manga or anime as police or detective…


  10. Tom Foolery

    Tanaka has a flat puffy nose, a width mouth, a round face and a lacks a jaw line. He definitely isn’t winning any beauty prizes but to me he seems only slightly below average in appearance. I feel that with only a few changes to his face he would be pretty good looking.


  11. TruthSpeaker

    I wonder if Ester really is a non-virgin? I get it, she is there to be upsetting and as a sort of “is virginity really important” type of thing… But it still seems weird for the long haul of the story that she would be just a slut. The thing is, we never get the sex scenes with Allen described. We know that Sophie are in these scenes and we know there is a lot of moaning and flattering of Allen.

    But Ester is still a noble lady of probably one of the most important noble families in the kingdom. She was worried that Allen would be punished if they ever found out he was even a boyfriend, so him fucking her would be even worse. The uproar that would happen if she was married off to say the royal family and they found out she was a non-virgin would be huge. This makes me think that maybe she is still a virgin. Until it is confirmed that she was actually taking the dick, it is possible that she was just supervising the fucking between Allen and Sophie. Maybe a kiss here and there and caressing. Her comment later on that she was the one that should get pregnant first could be interpreted as her wanting to be there to make sure that Allen never came inside of Sophie.

    It is a longshot, but it would be funny and actually fit. A sexually aggressive loli that the MC could fuck at any time because she considers him worthy and thinks of him as the strongest. Yet he refuses to do so because he doesn’t want to be saddled with a slut non-virgin as his first time. Now imagine him later finding out that she was actually a virgin all along? Kind of like those young Japanese girls that pretend to be sluts because they think that it makes them more adult and mature.

    As for the MC, no he is indeed ugly. His face is all squared up with a all flat piggy nose. Small slit piggy eyes, a wide mouth with oddly set teeth. A wide almost non possible chin with patchy bad beard growth. Large ears and really bad skin. Short legs and bad muscles don’t help either.

    The artist did their best, but it is hard to draw this, but unless you draw it in a more realistic style, it can be hard to depict. The manga manages to showcase his ugliness a little better.


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